Revamped Heating Pad Cover - Shibori Edition

I’ve had a heating pad for a number of years, and it originally came with a flimsy boring fabric cover made from what felt like a very thin flannel. As things will do, it started to get discolored from wear, but I never actually put it in the wash for fear that it would disintegrate. But I finally had enough and decided to sew a new cover for it. I pulled out my favorite shibori fabric (Hamilton 2016 :heart:) and had the perfect amount to do this.

The original cover just had one snap in the middle to hold the cover on so I improved upon this with 4 buttons. No fear of this falling apart in the wash. Also bonus: There’s an inner layer of foam to act as a buffer from the heat of the pad which was always sliding around, so I built in a inside pocket to hopefully prevent it from moving around as much. I would have sewn it in place, but again it’s rather flimsy and if it falls apart over time I want to be able to replace it.


Great revamp! The shibori is beautiful!

It looks beautiful and well-constructed! I hope it makes you smile whenever you need to bring it out. :slight_smile:

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Best looking heating pad cover ever!

I never think of how horrid my heating pad cover is until I go use it, then I swear I am going to make a new cover and never do…guess I will have to wait for that “had enough” moment…ha ha

Boy, you guys sure did dye a lot of fabric…I barely have any left! Time for another group meeting! :smiley:

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Nifty cover!

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Nice! So much better than the bland covers the come with.


:blue_heart: :blue_heart: :blue_heart: Shibori :blue_heart: :blue_heart: :blue_heart:

Excellent inside pocket bit too, smarty!

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Awesome! Sooooooo gonna copy this idea!!

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Perfect use for that fabric! Love the pouch addition and the buttons!

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Thanks everyone! It was a simple quick project that I’ve been meaning to do for a while, so it feels good to finally have it off my plate :smile:

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So cute! I love how the shibori pattern looks like waves of healing energy.

That makes it look even cozier

I bet it feels crisp and clean to rest on!