Reversible Drawstring Bag

In a recent swap I had some extras that needed containment - you know how it is. During that time, I also was digging around my Pinterest pin boards looking for ways to use up some fabric remnants and then looking for my remnants when I came up the scraps from a Dr Potter’s Medicine Show cosplay I made a few years ago. And it turns out that my partner was a big fan of Dr Potter, so YEY!

I really like this style of drawstring bag and can see myself making more to use up remnants and stash!

The paisley was the vest and the checked flannel was the suit coat and pants…

It is sewn to be reversible.

The ties are from some vintage 3/8" double-fold bias tape I had in my stash that I tea-stained. The linen is some from some yardage I bought for a project that I decided not to use it for.

Here’s the suit:



I like the masculine feel of the suiting materials.

By coincidence, I also made a drawstring bag today. I used a mesh onion bag and added a drawstring to make a laundry bag for a bunch of small bits of fabric.
It came open in the dryer, and the fabric bits are static clung to everything.

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Oh. My. Gosh. I TOTALLY missed the Dr. Potter connection!!! :woman_facepalming:

:heart::heart:But now I love it even more!!! :heart::heart:

Like, I’m seriously pumped about this bag now- yes it may seem silly, but it will NEVER be a gift bag now because I’ll never be able to give it away!!


Thanks, pals!

Oh, noes!

Oh yey! When I got the idea, I was like “YES! Deanna should have whatever I can make out of these pieces!”


I wish I could heart that eleventy-eight times!


I like the style and fabrics used for this bag. The fact that it is from Dr. Potters Medicine Show fabric makes it even more special. I know @Bunny1kenobi loves that book!

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Yeah, I freaking do!!!

You’re going to have to keep something very dangerous and very valuable in it! And pretty small; it’s going to have to be dangerous, valuable, and kinda small. :rofl:

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Gorgeous bag! Love the fabrics.

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Hmmmm… I may have just the thing… :smiling_imp:

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That fabric is perfect and awesome that it is reversible.


Thanks so much!

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