Reversible Rainbow of Colors Napkins S/4

This set of four 2-sided napkins will be included in the Sunshine & Rainbows Mod Bundle that will be on auction for the Craft Stars Garage Sale fundraiser starting in just a few days on Ebay!

Each has rainbow stripes on one side and the funky squares on the other.


They are approx 8.5" square.


Craft Stars Garage Sale on eBay


Wow! Those definitely go with the theme! :heart_eyes:

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Yow!! :heart::orange_heart::yellow_heart::green_heart:🩵:blue_heart::purple_heart:

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Be sure to sell shades with those bright, beautiful napkins, lol.

Love how cheerful these are!

Thanks, y’all!

I’m so very in love with these. Cheerful!

How bright and fun! Perfect for the summer!

They are so cheerful and bright!

Thank you, everyone! I think they’d be great for summer al fresco brunch or tea!

Love them, they’re so bright and cheery! Oh, heh, I have a little of that stripey rainbow fabric!

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Fun design! Love the colors!