Reversible Sequin Rainbow Pillow Cover

I have started making pillow covers in order to vary the decoration on our bed on a whim, but not having to store a lot of whole pillows. I thought some bright, reversible sequins would brighten up the short winter days here.



The rainbow sequins reverse to silver. Hopefully it will fun and funny to play around with the “designs”! Delia made this abstract design!


The back is just an inexpensive black felt left in stash from a Halloween project and some slightly damaged buttons from the 4-generation button box.



I love Delia’s contribution, so kind of you to include her! :wink:

These will indeed brighten up the long dark winter - i am impressed with your patience with unpicking the sequiny seams, too!


Looks great! Is it hard to sew with? I have some laying around here but didn’t know what to do with it.

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Thanks, friends!

It’s a bit of a pain, at least if you remove the sequins from the seam line. When making garments, people tend to remove all the sequins from the whole seam allowance to minimize bulk and increase comfort, but since I was just making a pillow cover I only removed them from the actual sewing line - a good project while watching TV or (like I did) on a zoom gathering. Otherwise it’s just a bit “shifty” like those kind of thin materials, but way less so that velvet, satin, sheer fabrics.


Great idea! I love the sequins and the back looks great. I also want to make some more covers for pillows for the same reason. Maximum options for decor with minimal storage needs. I like the way you finished the back a lot more than how I have been doing it.

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Thanks! The others I’ve made I’ve done with a zipper on the bottom seam, but with the sequined fabric the zipper was a pain in the patootie, so I decided to save myself the trouble. I may do more with buttons - just to practice button holes if for no other reason.


Cute pillow!
My favorite name for that fabric is “mermaid scale sequins”.

Another easy pillow closure is envelope fold; two back pieces overlap by 4-6", no buttons or zippers needed. Thin or stretchy fabrics need more overlap.

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Thanks! “Mermaid scale sequins” is pretty fun!

I have never had luck with an envelope closure keeping as crisp as I like. I"m sure I’ll try again someday!


I do this with my couch pillows. I alternate my living room from dark red to teal depending on the season. I switch out the curtains, blankets, and pillow covers and it’s like a whole new room! I love it. It really invigorates a room and keep me from getting bored. I love the sequence fabric. Adds so much pizzazz and fun.

Nicely constructed! Where did you find the fabric? I’ve been looking for some that won’t break the bank.

So fancy and sparkly!

THANKS, friends!

@Calabaza I got it at JoAnn Fabrics. I don’t think it was especially inexpensive, but that’s what those 40-50% off coupons are great for!

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