RFID/Faraday fabric

Does anybody have reliable a source for RFID/Faraday fabric in smaller quantities? It’s available online but I’d like a recommendation for good quality tested stuff that won’t break the bank. My wallet finally fell apart & I’d like to make a replacement that keeps cards unscanable. Can’t be too careful these days with tap on everything by default!


Can’t help ya there. But that pic makes me think one should/could line pants pockets, too.


Maybe we could buy some as a group and share it between us?


Might need more than I thought if I have to cover my butt with it :laughing:


I think there is a wallet in the pocket…

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Cheap aluminum tape works


Haaa! He said “alunimum”!
I’m a luni mum. Wait, that’s ableist. Ignore me…

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One of the commenters mentioned Tandy Leather having something to use. My good friend uses that company for his leather business so I know them to be reputable via him, but I have never shopped them myself.

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Any metallicized anti-static bags will work as well - you know the ones your computer hardware comes in when you build your own PC… the mac people will look at me like I’m nuts :wink:

Oh, that’s cool. I receive product in those all the time. Kinda crinkly though.

I’m reading it’s not really necessary for chip technology but that seem weird to me. If I can tap my presto card in the bus through my wallet, makes sense other stuff could be accessed too, right?


Looks like tyvek works (?) and you can get small quantities fairly inexpensively.

I wonder if you could use a USPS tyvek envelope, you can get them for free in the post office lobby or order online.

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Nah, after more reading it seems like tyvek wouldn’t be enough.

Yes, if you can tap through the wallet, other people can too. I am SURE I have of the stuff I’m thinking of around here. Kind of silvery mylar looking… If I can find some, Ill post a pic but I think husband just binned all the last of his new computer packaging

We have loads of that stuff at work from ordering hard drives & keys. I’ll find some & see how crinkly it is.

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I found this from a bank blogger…his opinion is that RFID blocking is a waste of money…

If you do have RFID cards in your wallet, you can protect yourself by buying an RFID-blocking sleeve or special wallets or purses that are designed to block the signal from readers.

But even this might be a waste of money. Studies indicate the risk of having your information stolen by a thief armed with a scanner is low.

Most criminals haven’t invested in the scanners necessary to pull off this hack, these reports say.

And thieves have to be awfully close to you to intercept your RFID signal.

Consumers shouldn’t really worry about buying card-blocking wallets or purses, even if they are using RFID-enabled credit cards.

According to a story by Slate’s senior technology writer Will Oremus, the actual instances of criminals using special scanners to commit what is known as RFID skimming are extremely rare.

Entire article


I read similar. I was looking at the sash bag & it’s one of their selling points, I got curious. I don’t think I’ll bother with it when I make myself a similar bag though.

I wore a pair of jeans when I traveled a few years back and was held back by security. They were certain that I was concealing something because their machine showed dark patches in my legs! I had to be taken to a room and checked by a female and even take off my pants! Turned out that the pockets had been made with special fabric and it was blocking all scans! I have been very wary NOT to get anything that has this, but I do have aluminum foil in my wallet…lol

I have alerts on all of my cards and can block them almost instantly, so I am not that concerned. Jim has lost his debit card twice in a month and we were able to block all charges immediately with my phone.


I have a passport case someone made me on cster ages ago with the metallic mylar in it. It definitely works to block stuff and it makes the homeland security people nuts. :rofl: I HATE airport security. So invasive and makes life more unpleasant. I actively work to avoid the porno scanners.