Rhinestone Cow-Eel

When I was getting ready to come visit Arizona, I realized that my plush eel Katsuyuki Moray (star of my silly plushie blog, @katsuyukimoray on Instagram) didn’t really have any suitable clothes for the heat! He had many leg warmers eel sweaters, but no light-weight shirts, so I made him this bandana-style red shirt. He’s been wearing it along with the eel jeans I made last year from a worn-out pair of my own jeans, complete with rhinestone buttons, and a straw hat, which I THINK I got at Jo-Ann a while ago.

Here are a bunch of photos of him rockin’ his new southwestern outfit in AZ!

And here he is with his friend Kicchu the garden eel, who is showing off his own real leather cowboy hat! (I got that at a craft bazaar, where the seller was willing to remove the keychain that was originally attached to it.)


This outfit was perfect for his first visit to the Sonoran Desert. I hope Katsuyuki enjoyed the Hole in the Rock and the Desert Botanical Gardens. I know I had a blast! Heehaw!

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That there is the most stylish eel I ever laid eyes on!!!


That third photo is a trip!


What an adventure for you and your eel! Definitely rocking the outfit!

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Very stylish, though I can’t think of much less eel-friendly terrain than the Arizona deserts… :laughing:


His hat! Killing me.

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This is too funny, in the best way possible :smiley::smiley::joy:

I’m going to check out your Instagram now.

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Kicchu the garden eel reminds me of Lowly Worm in the childrens books by Richard Scarry


We just had this discussion last night while @roler and I Skyped with my sister, @QueenHobo! :heart:


I love his little outfit!!! :heart:


How cute is he! He looks like he’s made from hay?
It took me a while to find Kicchu in the bottom picture. I even had to read the comments to see if perhaps you posted a wrong picture, because I couldn’t see a second eel with a leather cowboyhat. But then he popped up!

Dang cute! Love the photo shoot.

All his other plushy friends are going to be jealous.

Too funny! I love it!!! :heart_eyes:

I’ve never seen a such a well dressed eel :grin:.