Ribbed Beanie with Faux Fur Pom-pom

Finishing up a ribbed beanie this morning!

I wanted to share how I made the faux fur pom pom. I had saved the faux fur from an old jacket years ago. I cut out mostly circular shapes

sewed the closing shut and attached. It took all but maybe 10 minutes.
Way more inexpensive than buying the expensive ones! One small vest could probably make well over a dozen. :slight_smile: thanks for looking!


Love the pom pom! And you’re right they can be crazy expensive!

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Great idea! I have so many scraps from faux fur coats I used to make!

I knew I kept it all for a reason!!!

Thanks for posting!

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That is a nice looking hat and an excellent tutorial. Last year we went looking for a pom pom for one of the kid’s projects and they could not be found. Now of course, they are all over the place but for an enormous sum of money. Yours is a great idea, I will file that away in the crafty vault for sure, thanks!

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Really cute, love the pom pom, and the colour of the beanie

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Thanks for sharing how you made the pom pom. Very cool. The hat looks great too.

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