Ribbon-threaded Autumn "Flash Cards"

A friend made these awesome “flash cards” a couple years ago and sent me a set. She displays hers on a big, metal, art piece that hangs on a wall. I don’t have anything like that I attempts to use easy tack stuff failed.


I used a punch that cuts slots and a full 3-yard spool of rust orange and tan ribbon.


While the ribbon size and texture seems like it will hold these in place pretty well, I did tie a knot on the bottom piece. I also used a piece of cello tape on the back of cards across each ribbon.

It was hard to get a good shot since it’s hung in a short hallway in the center of our house away from any natural light.


What a great way to display these! Your chosen ribbon is ideal for this project.

Also, I appreciate the fact that they are in alphabetical order :relaxed:.


I love it! My son would also appreciate that it’s in alphabetical order.


This is a wonderful idea. I, too, appreciate the alphabetic order.

Thanks, everyone!

When I went to arrange them they were already in alphabetical order (I put them that way, surely) and I liked the way they looked so I left them!

These are so cute! I love how you displayed them.