Ripples, Needle & Wet Felted, Eco-Printed & Embroidered Necklace

I was more careful in laying out the leaves & buds to be eco-printed. It’s still not complete control because to hold the leaves & buds in place to eco-print I have to wrap the necklace in strips of cotton. The plant materials can and do shift a bit during the binding process. I’m pretty happy with how the eco-print came out!


Oh, that is beyond gorgeous, omg, I would wear that & never take it off! Stunning! It reminds me of cloisonne goldfish. It’s just, wow.
Tell me you wear your pieces? I need to know these are out in the world being admired. Your art is too good not to been shown off.

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Thank you so much! :smiley: :smiley: :smiley:

When it was finished it also reminded me of cloisonné! :slight_smile:

I rarely wear my work. I don’t make my work for myself, but now and then among what I do make I have pieces that I do claim as my own and sometimes actually wear. These days I don’t go anywhere except grocery shopping about every other week. I could see myself wearing this particular necklace and I did wear Organic and Invoking the Dragon (once each). I got no comments both times.

It is unique and stunning! Love the process of eco-printing you used…when it gets a bit warmer, I would love to try some rust printing as well…don’t know much about either, but I love the look!

I agree with @Magpie…I would be wearing these no matter where I went…even to pump gas…the are not your everyday mass produced piece!

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Yes! Total cloisonné vibes!

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I am lucky enough to have one of Harlan’s pieces re-homed with me. I wear it whenever I’m able!



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