Road Trip Tag


All my creative energies and time has gone to household DIY, store stuff, and a larger project, so it was nice to take a few minutes this afternoon to make this tag!


I am going on a little road trip to meet a friend I haven’t seen in 4 or 5 years in a city between where we each live. Of course, I’m bringing her a little gift and this will go atop it! The box it is wrapped in was made by a friend.


I cut the tag and the reinforcing grommet thingie with my Sizzix Big Shot. Papers, stamps, inks, enamel dot, and twine all from stash.


What a fun idea!

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I love this!

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Thanks, pals!

Lovely, is the perfect finishing touch. Enjoy the road trip

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Thank you! I haven’t been anywhere since we were in Ireland… two - or was it two thousand - years ago. Like a lot of people, of course.

I’ve got my masks and my hand sanitizer packed!

Is she really driving a loop like that?
I knew a woman read that lots of accidents happen making left turns, so she would only turn right. A trip with her looked a bit like that.

:rofl: Nope, but a straight line didn’t seem to add much to the look and an accurate route would be just about as dull!

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Cute! and the loop route is much more interesting!

This is so sweet! What a fun idea.

Very festive and fun. Its a cute little memento that they can use later as a bookmark too.

Thanks, friends!