Roasted veggies and pan fried black kale

Today dinner was leftover meat from a couple days ago so I wanted some tasty sides to go with it. Oven roasted veggies are one of my go to sides and I love that it can be varied so much.

Step one was to go digging in the fridge. Half a bag of smaller potatoes and a large carrot seemed about right for the two of us.

Cut the potatoes and carrots in equal sizes. Smaller = faster cooking time. Place the veggies in a mixing bowl and add a splash of olive oil (or your vegetable oil of choice) and your seasoning. I went with black pepper, chili and a couple chunks of garlic today. Mix to ensure everything is coated in oil and seasoning.

Want to play find the garlic?

Around 200 degrees C for 30-ish minutes in the oven.

Next job is the black kale!

It’s really much nicer than regular kale. For once it’s easier to prep. Rinse, remove the tough vein in the middle and chop in large pieces. I had some garlic left over and finely chopped it.

Heat oil in a frying pan. I like to give the garlic a bit of a headstart before I put the black kale in. Season with salt and chili flakes or ground chili. It only needs a few minutes in the pan, or you can fry until slightly crispy.

It was a very nice dinner, and didn’t taste like leftovers :blush:


I love oven roasted veggies as well, yours look yummy! I have never cooked Kale. I do love greens though so I might try it some time, thank you :slight_smile:


I like this black kale better than regular kale. I have a hard time getting kale to not taste like cardboard… But this version is easier to make tasty :slight_smile:

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These make my mouth water. And black kale has now been added to my produce list!! Thank you for sharing!

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I love oven roasting veggies. I’ve never heard of black kale but your method of preparing it sounds yummy.

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We sometimes use a meal service that delivers ingredients and recipes for 4 dinners as a timesaver and to get out of the ”what should we eat?” conundrum. You get a list of things like spices, milk, cooking oil that is needed but not included so the pantry wont overflow with ingredients.

There was black kale included in it a couple of weeks before Christmas so I realised it’s a tasty seasonal produce!


Your roasted veggies look delish!
Thanks for showcasing the black kale. I love regular kale, so black kale is a must try for me.
Kale has pretty much replaced spinach in all my soup recipes (because spinach gets a tad slimey) :roll_eyes:

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I’ve experimented some with the tough middle part now too. Chopped up it works just fine as a bit of green addition to dishes that cook a bit longer.

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Yum! Dinner looks tasty!

It’s sometimes called Dinosaur kale. A friend pickles the stems for martinis, or just for eating. You can dehydrate and powder them for adding to soups and smoothies. They are good for veggie stock too. I will toss that sort of thing into a container in the freezer until full enough to simmer for a pot of broth.


I have the same problem with cardboard kale, and I just realized my only successes have been with black kale. So maybe it wasn’t my lack of kale finesse! And the idea of pickling the stems is very intriguing. I don’t know about using them in martinis (I’m strictly an olive man) but they might be good with cold cuts meats.

And I make roast veg quite often, but it has never occurred to me to throw in a garlic clove or two. So much flavour for so little work!


Wonderful side dishes, thanks so much for detailing the info about black kale!