Rolling crochet

I have a pretty consistent problem with my crochet rolling up. I’m assuming it’s that I have too high a tension. Correct or no? What are your thoughts?

ETA: tried a looser stitch and it still rolls AND is now out of gauge… :crazy_face:

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Don’t have a good answer… the exact same thing happens to me, every time. I’m beginning to wonder if I’m putting some kind of extra twist into it when I do the yarn over…? Hope someone knows.

I think it has to do with the first row of stitches after your foundation chain. Many pattern will say ch 35, for example, then single crochet In the second chain from the hook and each stitch to the end. If you twist that foundation chain while working in it, your work will twist.

Hhhmmm I can see that… thanks!

Oh - I will try that too! thanks

What are you working on? If your project will gradually get larger (more rows), you can expect the curling to lessen as the piece gets larger.

It’s kind of also the nature of the fabric to roll or twist like that, and sure tight tension will make it more obvious. If you are working with a wool (or other natural animal fiber), then it will relax when you block it. If it is acrylic, a trip in the dryer will “kill” the acrylic and give it more drape.

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pretty much doesn’t matter the size or yarn type, my fabric rolls until it gets really, really large. I have a ton of scarves that roll too. The example I shared is a swatch I started for a baby blanket in order to make sure I had the right hook size for my tension. I opted to go with a looser stitch pattern so I could blaze through the making. I always use Caron Simply Soft for baby blankets because it fluffs up nice and snuggly for babies and is stain resistant because, well, babies are gross.

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I just bought a pattern that suggested stitching from the back to the front on the last stitch of the row to prevent curling. I haven’t tried it yet, but it seems like an interesting suggestion and maybe worth a shot!