Romero Britto Pop Art Inspired Fox

It is looking more and more likely that an elementary art educator position will be available next year and I’m top candidate. The caveat? I don’t have my teaching degree. No problem. There are avenues the district and I can take to make it work.

With that in mind, the current teacher and I have been talking a lot about me taking over the program (we’re good friends).

I’ve been studying to pass the OAE Art test. So much info to know! During this study, I came across Romero Britto’s art. It is so fun!

It’s something I’d want to teach in my art program, so @GeekyBookworm and I started making models yesterday. (She’ll post hers separately.)

The students will use tempera cake, but I used the acrylic I have at home. I tried to stay close to the colors available at school.

Our art is 17" x 14". The school kids will have 12" x 18".


Adorable! Good luck on the position!!

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Very colorful and whimsical! That would be a fun class- I hope you get the position!

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Good luck with the position as well as your continued art education!

What I love about his work is pattern in pattern. It almost looks like he takes colorful scrapbooking paper and draws around them…florals, geometrics…all in such bright colorblocks! It would be fun for kids since the shapes are simple enough and all colors go. Good choice…he is easier to emulate than say the Renaissance artists, lol…


So exciting and I love your piece!

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I really like this style, and the colors really pop. (And I really need a new adverb.) It’s kind of like the doodle/zentangle coloring pages but on a larger scale for those who find coloring those fiddly.

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Good luck for next year!
This looks like a really fun subject, would be exciting to see what the school kids would come up with :art:

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The artwork is so clean and colorful. Best of luck with the job!

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Your craft is :fire:! That’s why it’s one of this week’s featured projects. Thanks for sharing it with us! :tada:

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Thank you!