Rooftop Background

I’m having some trouble figuring out how to make them seem like they’re setting on the edge of a roof.

I have an idea on what to do. If anyone has ideas, I would be so grateful.


First, they look cute. I like the hair and the eyes a lot.
I did a quick search to show the perspective of someone on a slanted surface and this was the only example that came up! But maybe it will still be helpful. The front foot is lower, because that part of the roof is lower. You’d draw that foot lower if the person was sitting on a flat surface to show distance but on a slanted roof, Even lower than that.

In art school teachers always said “draw what you see, not what you know”, maybe it would be useful to put a doll on a slant and see where things are placed, like be objective about it. We all have ideas of how something should look but when we try to draw like that it doesn’t turn out as well as drawing from a visual example.
Have you tried grid drawing? It’s really useful for getting perspective just right.


That might work. Thanks!


I was going to say something similar. Set up something you can look at and copy. I love their vibe, the hair and outfits especially

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I’m no drawing expert but the one on the left looks good already. For the right one, I’d make the left foot a little lower than the right foot to give the illusion of a slant.

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