Rootin' Tootin' Birthday Scootin' Box Card

Today I made this little red Vespa box card for a scooter-driving dear one’s birthday. The files came from Lori Whitlock’s web store.

I made a few alterations in addition to switching up the colors a bit: I attached the fenders with adhesive foam to add dimension, embossed the basket (and added that to the back with a flower side, too), used enamel dots for the flower centers instead of paper, and added a “bumper sticker” enamel heart to the back fender.

I also made my own sides, because the svg files didn’t play nice with my Cricut for scoring that one piece and the files didn’t come with any instructions for assembly. Luckily, I’ve made quite a few box cards so figuring out how to wing it wasn’t too hard. There may be a tutorial on the website, I didn’t look since I was already deep into the project.

The files did not include an envelope which I think is standard for this company, but as in the past I dug through all my other box card files and found an envelope that would work!

One of the coolest things about box cards is how they collapst to fit into their envelopes, so it just wouldn’t feel finished if I didn’t have an envelope made just for this card! :upside_down_face:


Nailed it again!! I’ve been curious, if you don’t mind sharing secrets, how do you adhere all the small bits without getting adhesive on the fronts of any pieces

Aw, thank you!

Hmmm, to quote several dozen dad jokes: very carefully! :crazy_face:

I use a glue (Art Glitter Glue) for a lot of these projects and it has a pretty tiny opening and you can even get a cap with a very teeny tiny opening for it. And it only takes a teeny tiny bit of this glue to really adhere, too. It’s kind of expensive, but because you can use less and control how much your squeeze out so well, it’s worth it in my opinion. The trick is they will not ship it in the cold months!

Sometimes I’ll use a tweezers or foreceps to hold while applying glue and to place the little pieces and I have little tool that is sticky on the end made for picking up tiny things and placing them, but I forget to use that most of the time.

And finally, I do get glue on the front! Not infrequently! I will use a fingernail to get it if I can. Sometimes I’ll live with it, sometimes I’ll try to ink the piece to disguise the glue, but I also have a glue eraser thing that can do wonders.

A lot of the embellishments I use are self-adhesive, so that helps with those, although sometimes I end up adding glue if they don’t feel secure enough.

Your box cards are amazing!! I love how the flowers on the envelope coordinate with the basket of flowers on the scooter!

The little scooter is so sweet! I’m glad you pointed out where you deviated from the pattern; I think all your little embellishments really make it special.

Thanks, friends!

I got lucky on that! I had picked all the papers, cut & assembled the card before picking an envelope paper.

That is one of the most fun parts about making these for particular loved ones!

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Shut up! That is ADORABLE!

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I just love your box cards, you always add such detail to personalize them.

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Awww, thanks so much, y’all!

Utterly adorable!

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This one’s my favorite!

Red! My favorite color! How cute…the little basket of flowers is just too much!

You do a lot of steps in making these cards…I am glad to have mine to admire in my room each day…

Thank you, friends!

Since starting to make these I have a whole new understanding with the $14 handmade greeting card one finds at a boutique.

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