Rose Magnets

I made a couple crocheted rose magnets as part of a housewarming gift this weekend.

I have made a couple of these rose magnets before, but this time I added the leaf which I think adds a lot. High quality magnets and an epoxy based glue, so theoretically you could submerge these in soapy water and air dry when they get dirty.


These are so pretty! What a clever idea.

The leaves were a nice touch!

The leaves were the perfect addition! These are quite lovely.

They are really pretty! What yarn did you use? Good call on the leaves – it’s just what they need.

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what a sweet housewarming gift, definitely unique and treasured

For the red flower and both color leaves I used Paton Grace mercerized cotton yarn and the pink was some fancy yarn I had in my stash from my sister - she wound it on her yarn winder so I don’t have the label. I’ve had it for too long because it was coarse and I thought it would be difficult to work it. It is a dream to work with though! I’m using it for all sorts of little flowers (working on a wreath for the front door).

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Ah! Patons Grace explains the sheen. I like it. Well, hurray for mystery yarn!

These are so sweet!

Those are lovely!

Really pretty idea.

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