Rosemary Lamb Pie

(Modified from this recipe, Lamb pot pie Recipe | Better Homes and Gardens )

0.4 kg Lamb
2 Tbls. Flour
Sliced leek
Sliced Carrot
Sliced celery
1/3 can Garbanzo beans
1 sprig of finely chopped rosemary
2 Tbls. A1 steak sauce
1/3 c. Red wine
3 Tbls. oil for frying
1 Tbls. Tomato paste
3 crushed cloves garlic
2 Bay leaves
1/3 c. diced tomatoes
1+1/2 c. Beef stock
Puff pastry

Coat the lamb in the flour. Let sit for 10 minutes.

(I wound up adding another tablespoon of flour as a lot of it stuck to the bowl).

Fry the vegetables, (not including the tomatoes and garbanzo beans), bay leaves, and rosemary for about five minutes.

(I decided not to use all the rosemary as it seemed a bit much, but it was still more than I ever used before).

Fry the lamb until well browned. Then add the tomato paste, cooking a little longer, add the red wine and bring to a simmer.

Move the lamb to the vegetables. Then add the rest of the ingredients.

(I poured the broth into the pan I fried the lamb in to get as much of the drippings out as I could before pouring it into the vegetable mix).

Simmer for two hours, then season and place into a pan of your choice. (Here, I used a 9x9 Pyrex pan).

(I’m kind of wondering if I should have added a little more liquid…Will find that out when it’s done. However, I did mix in about 1/2 c. more water throughout the last hour of cooking. It was getting way too thick.)

Cover with puff pastry, trimming if necessary, and brush on egg white. Bake for 40 minutes at 375F (200C) degrees.

Oof! My stomach is growling soooo loud. Must wait…Must waaaaait! :frowning_with_open_mouth: .


This sounds super tasty! We’re still in pot pie season around here, that’s for sure. Oddly, we are having a dish with some lamb ourselves for dinner tonight!


Welp, wife didn’t like it…Oh well, more for me, :grinning:.

One little critique. I think that was a bit much of the A1 sauce. Probably would be better with only 1 Tbls. Or at least 1 Tbls + 1 tsp. I think the edges caramelized the A1 sauce on the sides of the pan and that tastes a little…off. :thinking:.

Ok! Looking over the ingredients in the puff pastry I bought, I’m guessing the off taste is a mixture of all those ingredients along with the caramelizing of the A1 sauce. So maybe cutting down on the A1 sauce might take care of that. Won’t know til I try this again…But won’t be any time soon (as I’ll have to make it for myself, :thinking:).

Ooh! I just thought of something else. Making this as a sealed pot pie would keep that caramelizing from happening as much, too. Plus, you get twice the amount of crust instead of one, :smiley:

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This dish looks absolutely delicious!

I just started eating lamb a couple of years ago. Your dish looks like a good-ol’ comfort dish. I’d help you finish it if you’d let me spit out the garbanzo beans. :grin:

You come up with some amazing- looking stuff!!

This looks SO delicious! Yum!