Rosey Posey Fleece

McCalls 8143 fleece pullover sewn from a $3 Joann’s remnant that was about 1/2 yard too short.

Solved by cutting the front apart, horizontally, allowing me to move the yoke to a different part of the fabric.

I still did not have enough to cut both collar pieces, but used some plain black fleece from my stash.

I created a placket and used snaps in place of the zipper.

Can I just say that foldover elastic is great stuff! The stitching, even on the BLIND SIDE, comes out perfectly even. (I did hand baste it).

Also, it saved me a crucial 1.5 inches of fabric because I did not need hems on the sleeves.

Despite the shortage of fabric, I was able to place a rose at the center back of the collar (visible inside the turned up collar, here).


WOW! You really made that remnant work! No one would ever guess that the modifications and substitutions were “compromises”!

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Gorgeous and warm!

It’s perfect!

Wow, you are a fabric-conservation genius! (Not to mention thrifty-sewing wizard. A fleece pullover for $3? Amazing!) I love the roses.

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Seriously well done!

Seems your shortages actually force your to make your garments even more unique! I love your changes…especially the collar and placket!

I will now have to investigate foldover elastic! Lovely job!

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Wow! Great job!