Round 4 Swap Poll Voting 9.10-9.17

Hey Everyone! The Winter Holiday Decor swap is now open!! Think of all the things you could get to decorate your home and make your life more festive!


Hey organizers! Just a quick heads up. Please make sure that everyone signing up for your swap meets the requirements. The database spreadsheet has a list of current swappers or you can check in with your awesome swap mods. We are happy to help.


The Halloween OTT (One Tiny Thing) Swap is closing tomorrow! I have 5 swappers, and would love a 6th so I don’t have to do a round robin (I’m only organizing, and can’t fill the extra spot). So, if you’re thinking about it, I plan to close sign-ups at noon (EST) so I can assign partners.

Yes! Thank you. It makes me feel like I’m not “one of the cool kids” having to ask what this stuff means.

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Maybe there could be a pinned post on the Shenanigans page with a list of common swap abbreviations/terminology? Or, for streamlining, that info could be added to one of the existing reference posts. Just a thought.


I got antsy…that means we have a few more days to make ornaments!

You can sign up today here and be approved to start claiming tomorrow!

Let’s talk about ornaments here!

Two days left to sign up for the mini room swap!

While I can’t sign up, I can’t wait to see what everyone makes! I think I’ll be busting out an Altoids tin to sort of craftalong (or behind, at the rate my crafting is going) with you all.


Ask and ye shall receive:



Oooh, if you’re crafting along, I’d love to see your creation in the gallery!

And for anyone in the fence, today is the last day of sign ups for the mini room swap!

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The handmade book swap is complete so I will get the Fabric Art Journal Page up and running later today, more like this evening, during the debate.



I am bookmarking this list. Awesome.

Signups end today!


Ongoing Wish Swap Round 2 is up and running!

The winter book swap is open:

Still planning to start the Fabric Art Journal Page swap - bear with me. I’ll get to it this week.

(I know I said that last week - but I promise this week. :innocent:)


The Ongoing Ornament swap is up and going and lots of great ornaments have been made and claimed already. Come join us! Sign ups all month!


The Fabric Art Journal Page Swap is finally open!


The Secret Santa Wishlist Swap is open for sign-ups!

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A thread for round 6

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