Round and round -ATC coins made for the recent swap

I had three partners for the ATCoin swap. Here are the coins I made.

For @geekgirl, I chose to do the following:
Steampunk theme (I forgot to photograph this one, so this is geekgirl’s photo):

Mythical creatures theme:

Affirmations theme:

For @megwell:
Dad jokes theme:

Adult merit badge theme:

Mixed media theme:

For @thanate:
Enchanted forest theme:

Animal curled up “sleeping”:


Thanks for looking!


These are so great! The sky/forest one and the skeleton one are my favorite!

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Thank you!

All your ATCs are so lovely and beautifully done!

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You can tell how much fun you had. Great job

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Thank you!

WOW! You really managed to achieve several styles while meeting the briefs!

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