Rubber Stamp ATCs

Recently I’ve made several ATCs using rubber stamps, mostly of Pokémon.

Here’s Totodile:


Venonat (for this one, I made the stamp and the background, and the drawn part in the front was done by a coworker, so it’s a collaboration):

Smoliv (one for a swap and one for me, both with the same stamp):

These were so fun to work on! Here’s the Totodile stamp:


These are very cool! The stamps are wonderful, and I love that you collaborate with coworkers.

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How cute the stamps are! Great ATC’s

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Are these for your collection? They are wonderful. Did you make all the stamps you used?

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Oh these are the coolest! Your stamps are perfectly carved and kick these little artworks up a notch!

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Thanks! Yes, I made all the stamps. Some are for my collection and some were for swaps. I still need to make myself a Spheal card and a Totodile card with the stamps.


Those stamps are excellent!

They made great ATCs!

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as I’ve said before, carving stamps is TRICKY (for me, at least)

so much detail – you did well!

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These are really great - your stamp carving is outstanding!!

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