Running Joke-laden Jersey

I’ve made another thing for celebrating TheMisterT’s upcoming milestone birthday! This one loaded with references to a running “joke.”

1.This is based on Premier League Football (soccer) Jerseys.

  1. TheMister and his core dude friends have a saying (with gesture) they use when someone is being at all extra, i.e. talking to loud, laughing very hard, tripping, being too competitive, sneezing more than once, etc., that is “Mucho. Take it easy.” accompanied by both hands doing a kind of push-away/settle down motion. That is what “tayketeezi” with the palms is about. It takes the spot of the sponsor of the team (often an airline or betting business).

  2. Usually the Premier Leqgue team will have their crest/logo/mascot on the left breast which is what the bear, initials, date are about.

  3. Jerseys then have the sports company on the right breast - usually Adidas, but sometimes Nike or Puma. I thought that the mountains looked Adidas-y and were appropriate to living in Montana.


When TheMisterT gives me “the mucho” I usually retort, “YOU MUCHO!” So of course that’s his name and the number is his milestone age. :wink: :wink:

My research showed me that for the most part the name, number, and sponsor were often in white on a team’s dark jersey. Sometimes there were other colors for the crest and sports company. Because I wanted the general vibe of this to be grey/silver (because he’s OLD now), most things are the Cricut Sportflex HTV Silver color, but the mountains are the Sportflex black, the crest is metallic lavender. Purple is TheMister’s fave color.

I made jpgs in Photoshop that Cricut Design Space automatically makes into SVGs. The bear and shield were svgs purchased from two different Etsy shops. I cut the vinyl with my Cricut Explore and used a Cricut Easy Press 2 to apply them.


Haha! This is awesome!

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Hilarious! Thank you for the back story, too!

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Fannnnnnnntastic. You’ve gone Mucho here but in all the best ways. :raised_hand::raised_back_of_hand:


Thanks everyone!