S/5 Rainbows & Sunshine Encouragement & Support Blank Notecards

I made this set of five blank notecards with supportive and encouraging sentiments. They are part of the Sunshine & Rainbows Mod Bundle in the Craft Stars Garage Sale 2!

I wanted to make a variety of styles to suit recipients with a variety of ages, genders, etc.

There are 2 shaker cards, a slider, and 2 with peek-a-boo layers of color and shine.

Of course, they all come with an envelope and for those that qill require it, they have stickers that say “Non-machinable” and a cardstock piece to cover the lumpy, bumpy fronts to protect them during mailing.

These cards will require extra postage in the US, at least - a non-machinable stamp will do.


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They are all so detailed and cheerful! I especially like the “You Got This”…the background is so cool!

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Ooh, sparkly dots! “Magpie Eyes” :face_holding_back_tears:


So cheerful and uplifting!

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Thank you, friends!

These are so flippin’ COOL!

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So cheerful and bright! I love them.

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You really managed to nail the theme with all of these cards. I love the variety of bright colors and they all exude the cheery feeling of warm sunshine! I especially love the little rainbows in the rainbow shaker card, what a fun touch!

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Gorgeous! Like a sunshine-y hug in an envelope :sun_behind_small_cloud: :rainbow:

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Thank so much, everyone!

I really love this set! The circles! The sparkle! The tiny rainbows! Lots to love.

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Thank you! They were really fun to make!