Sad droopy jack o’lantern pepper 🫑

My husband and I aren’t adventurous eaters, so we rarely try anything new. I came across a Pin that sounded delicious, so we tried it.

Stuffed pepper recipe we used.

We made the recipe as is, except we reduced the garlic salt called for by half. It was sooooooooo boring. I could only taste the bell pepper and the sour cream I added after the first few bites were so flavorless.

I tried making it festive with a fun pumpkin face

When it came out of the oven, I laughed until I cried

If you watched Santa Clarita Diet, I felt like we were eating Gary (we just got to the episode where Nathan Fillion was replaced by Alan Tudyk. :joy:


The baked pepper made me laugh! Too bad the turn out in flavor wasn’t so good.

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Omg i am also cry laughing in solidarity. That is fantastic. Thank you for sharing this I needed a laugh so bad you have no idea. Fabulous sad pepper Jack, i heart u.

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I’m glad my droopy dinner could help :rofl:

Oh, it did. It really did. I keep going back to look at it’s poor droopy face! The face just makes it. Gawd i love it. :rofl:

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What a great laugh this gave me!

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I make a stuffed bell pepper recipe but we’ve always used green bell peppers, which I don’t generally like as much but I think they impart a bit more flavor? Also, it calls for ground beef which is just more greasy and flavorful than chicken breast. But I’m SO going to have to carve faces into my peppers next time, because that is HILARIOUS!


Good for you two for trying something new! It’s a big bummer it was more a feast for the eyes (and funny bone) than the mouth. :upside_down_face:

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OMG this is hysterical! Good for you trying something new but yeah beans, rice, little seasoning = bland! Pork belly works well in them too because the fat adds flavor! Really you can stuff them with anything and I prefer red peppers for mine…not a fan of green cooked bell papers.

I love the description of eating Gary!

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Hi-larious! Sad it wasn’t tasty but still, lol, fun!

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Congratulations! Your project was one of the Best of 2021! Yoooooou ROCK!

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