Sailboat Block

While looking for baby quilt ideas, my mom came across a photo of a quilt that she really liked. Unfortunately, no pattern was available. It had a row of cute little sailboat blocks on it, and my mom worked out the math for easy assembly. But, we realized that, because there was a space between each boat, the dimensions didn’t work. We redid the math, and I made this test block (taking photos along the way) to show my mom how it should be assembled.

I messed up the sails at first (then two more times on the smaller one), but it came out okay in the end. I might turn it into a pillow or something.


It looks cute.

Thank you! It has some flaws, but I’m not enough of an expert to know how to fix them.

I know I’ve seen a book once upon a time at my LQS that has a sailboat block pattern.

It’s very cool that you and your mom were able to figure this out on your own. Well done!

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We did it via phone and text because she’s back in FL, and I’m in MA.

That’s impressive!

She had most of it worked out last night, but I was so tired that I couldn’t even think about it. So, we tackled it this morning. My brain could handle basic math much better after a good night’s sleep!

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It looks great! How many sailboats are you going to have to end up making?

My mom made 5 of them already! The rest of the quilt is done with strips. Maybe I can get her to post it when it’s done!

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