Sailor Chibi Usa purse

I made this cute little handbag with some Sailor Chibi Usa fabric. I used a cute matching gold ziper pull and embroidered a zipper end. The bottom is glitter vinyl

Sailor moon spoilers for those who dont know Chibi Usa is Sailor Moon and Tuxedo masks daughter :laughing:


I really like the shape of this bag!

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Love this! Omg when I found out about Rini my mind was blown! Takes me back for sure!

Love the rainbow handles and sparkly bottom!

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That zipper end is so cute!

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That zipper end is AMAZING! I have never seen anyone do that before, and now I am wondering why? It’s so perfect! Lovely bag.


The glitter vinyl on the bottom is such a funny touch. I love the shape of the bag and that zipper end… perfect!

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