Saint Patrick's Day Box

Helloo, i’m very new to lettuce crafts, like just created an account 20 mins ago new lol, excited to be on here :smile:

Here’s a Bear Mug shaped St Patrick’s Day Treat Box I made a few days ago


That’s really cute! Do you plan to give it as a gift? My husband is of Irish descent, but we still don’t usually celebrate St Paddy’s.

Thank you!! I have an Etsy shop where I sell cut files so I made it to upload there. I’m from the Caribbean and we don’t usually celebrate the day here lol.

It’s a cute file!

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Super cute!! Love the beer mug shape.

Welcome to Lettuce Craft!

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Cute mug!
Welcome to Lettuce Craft!

Thank you :blush:

Thanks so much! :grin: :heart:

Thanks!! :blush:


Your beer mug is great! Looking forward to seeing all your projects!

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Welcome! The treat box is cool! You took a great pic of it too!