Same glaze, different conditions

Today I thought I’d show the versatility of one of my favorite glazes. Glazes respond so differently depending on where they’re applied and how they’re fired. These three pieces show the same glaze on different clay bodies and kiln processes.
Left: dark brown clay, electric kiln
Middle: standard brown clay, gas kiln (reduction firing)
Right: buff clay, electric kiln

This glaze just loves textures, so I love this glaze.


Wow…so you get a big surprise when the firing is done! And nice ones no matter what! I really love the one on the far right…it looks so natural and earthy… beautiful work!

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Very cool! Makes me wish I could touch them.

So pretty! I love the way the glaze brings out the different textures

This is such a great exercise! And the electric kiln is dreammmmmyyyyyy!

Yay, a fellow potter. What cone do you fire to? I use to do high fire (the only one my local studio fired to), but last year bought a test size kiln and have had a lot of fun with mid and low fire clays and glazes.

Cone 6 in the electric kiln. As for the gas kiln… I really don’t know. I don’t use it as much, and it’s a studio kiln where I don’t do the actual firing.

Whenever I see nice pottery I remember how much I miss my college ceramic studio. Beautiful surface textures and glazing!