Sari Skirt Art #2 Peacock Feathers

I am sort of addicted to these skirts and all of the odd color and pattern mixes…

One of the people in my FB group posted her skirt so, 2 AM last night, I had a burst of energy and decided to paint…


Trying to build on the lessons I am learning from YouTube!


You are so good at faces!

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It’s amazing that you just knocked that out last night!

You are so talented!

This is very pretty! I love the way you coloured her face, that’s not easy!

I found that it was easier to do with my fingers!

You did that with your fingers??? Wow! Good job!

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I love recycled sari skirts too! I have several from Darn Good Yarn. I just wish they had pockets for my phone. I really need to sit down and make some separate pockets, that I can slide onto the skirt ties, much like 18th century pockets worn under a ladies skirt.

Whoa! This is the coolest!

I am putting pockets into my skirts as well…I decided I would make “pockets” with loops and put buttons on the waistbands of the skirts…that way, I can wear both sides and the ties or belt will cover the buttons on one side!

We should collaborate on this!

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