Sashiko help please

I started a sashiko kit and the only instructions are in the picture attached.

I thought I was supposed to go round the outside first, then start from the right and return towards the left. But now I’ve finished the first row and I’m not sure where to go next.


Huh. I think I would either double the stitches on the border to get to the next row, or end my thread and start again at the first side.

Might be worth doing a quick internet search for a video?

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oooh - I don’t think there are any instructions on that page except the arrows. the bubble says something about tailoring, the * section says it disappears with water and the next line is the finished size. The bottom chunk is the company address and contact information.

This will probably be more helpful: How to stitch an Olympus Sashiko Pre printed Sampler Kit - A Threaded Needle

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I’ve never done this style of embroidery before but love a challenge of figuring things out. After studying the link @Animegirlie suggested, I think this plan works …

When you reach the end of this row, repeat the first row, etc. Hope my diagram makes sense.


That’s what I was thinking, but wanted someone else’s opinion to validate.

Thanks everyone for your input. @thanate @Animegirlie @Cindy
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This is a good ‘meeting’ project, so I should be able to whizz through given the number of meetings I have!