Saskatchewan Flora Patches

I’ve been collecting vintage/antique line, mostly from France, for the last several years. I always meant to use the fabric for embroidery, but only recently started. I was inspired by the recent season of Next in Fashion. One of the designers liked to create his own patch work and seems to use a lot of crocheted afghans, needlepoint, old woven blankets, and quilts in his work. I figured I could maybe do something similar with fabric scraps and embroidered patches of linen.

I’ve been waiting impatiently for Spring, and felt especially moved to make designs based on local flora. First, I made a patch featuring Saskatoon berries.

Next, I worked on a patch featuring wheat.

And last I did a patch featuring sprigs of lilac.

And here are all three of the finished patches together.

I might do one more with a prairie lily, but I haven’t decided yet. :slight_smile: I don’t really use patterns, I just draw the design idea directly onto the fabric with a heat dissolvable pen and start stitching.


Truly, truly beautiful.

These are all lovely! I really like how you stitched out the wheat in particular. What a great way to use the fabric you’ve collected!

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Wow! These are gorgeous! It is so cool that you used the vintage linen.

These are fantastic! I am imagining a wall of these, a country of patches! Love!

These are GORGEOUS! I can’t wait to see what you do with them. I was also super inspired by that Next in Fashion contestant! :grin:

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These are so pretty :heart_eyes:

Beautifully done!

Gorgeous! I was scrolling, and they kept getting better and better! So pretty!

OMG they are just so incredibly lovely. I really like the Canadiana, nicely themed.

how lovely! beautiful stitching and great color selections.

do you know about the Stitchalong? stitchalong

Your work is absolutely beautiful!

Those are all SO pretty! Beautiful work.

I knew by your title you had to be a fellow :canada:

Great job, I especially like the lilacs.

I was going to tag @Abbeeroad because her and I have already discussed this designer but I see she read this already. I join her in waiting to see what you create!

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