Lettuce Craft Stitchalong 2023

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This stitchalong is for all the stitchers out there! Based on some discussion in 2022, the “stitch” in this stitchalong is being defined as anything with machine embroidered or hand embroidered elements. While we do have a monthly theme, stitchers do not need to stitch to the theme in order to participate. Feel free to post your current WIP, ask questions, or share resources! However, only new stitches that fit the theme will be entered into our monthly and quarterly drawings.

Stitch by @jemimah

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Let’s Stitchalong to the End of Time!

Monthly Themes
New themes will be selected each month. Stitches posted during the month that are new and on theme will be entered into a pool from which one winner will be randomly selected each month. Winners are responsible for selecting the next month’s theme!

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  • January: Try a new technique! Winner: @jemimah

  • February: Inspired by Music :musical_note: Winner: Abbeeroad

  • March: Architecture Adventures! :european_castle: :japanese_castle: :classical_building: Winner: AIMR

  • April: The Beautiful Side of Bad Weather :rainbow: Winner: jemimah

  • May: I need a holiday! :beach_umbrella: Winner: Abbeeroad

  • June: Inspired by books! :books: Winner: Bajita

  • July: Cacti :cactus: Winner: steiconi

  • August: Night Sky :night_with_stars: Winner: jemimah

  • September: Keep Growing :seedling: Winner: steiconi

  • October: Just finish it, already! OR Spooky :checkered_flag: :ghost: Winner: Dooney

  • November: Something unexpected Winner: steiconi

  • December: Artist’s Choice

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Quarterly Drawings
All members who have posted a new stitch that fits the monthly theme will be entered into a quarterly drawing to win a donated crafty prize! Drawings will take place in March, June, September, and December of 2023. Please note, projects that are posted as entries to other contests on Lettuce Craft will be excluded from our quarterly drawings.

  • March offering donated by @AIMR: Winner: jemimah

  • June offering donated by @Magpie: Winner: AIMR

  • September offering donated by @MistressJennie: Winner: steiconi

References and Resources (check back for more!)

Finishing the back of a hoop
Sulky iron on transfer pens
Embroidery stitch glossary
10 strange hand embroidery stitches for beginners

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woohoo! new year, new thread, new challenge!


Yay!! I’m hoping to have more stitching time this year, now we are settling in to our new home.


Can’t wait!


I managed to do some stitching! In keeping with the January theme of trying something new …

I dug out one of my stitch dictionaries and tried out five new stitches on evenweave linen.
Woven cross stitch
Deerfield herringbone
Diamond filling stitch
Interlaced running stitch
Festoon filling

They’re all just variations on simple stitches, but made for some nice effects. I have a plan for making the piece into something useful.


@jemimah , what lovely stitches! I just did some slow stitching for a swap item, loose and simple. But I love those fun stitches.


I’m participating in the CrossStitcher SAL 2023. I don’t have a lot of supplies with me right now but I figured this would be a great project - just one little house every month. Chart #3 has just been published and I’m still working on #1 but that doesn’t matter.

The sampler is 12 houses typical for certain areas of the UK, pictured with seasonal flowers. This one is Edinburgh, the two other ones already published are Harrogate and London.


Such tiny, precise stitches @jemimah - love the colors, too. Perfect January stitching.

@Immaculata - what a great project to keep you crafting during renovations. Looking forward to seeing your progress!


That’s adorable @Immaculata! The collection of 12 is going to be lovely.


Love the house theme. And that January house is so cozy.



I really want to practice some of the stitches I learned on line. These would make lovely borders on all sorts of things! I really love the diamonds.


I was so excited when I saw that stitch along! Are you going to do them all on one big piece of Aida or individual pieces? That’s what I couldn’t decide.


I’m doing them all on one big piece of aida. No plans for the finished item yet!


:sewing_needle: :thread: :sewing_needle: :thread: Announcement Time :sewing_needle: :thread: :sewing_needle: :thread:

It’s February! Time for a monthly winner and a new theme!

Our winner for January is… @jemimah! You get to choose our theme for February AND you earned an entry into our quarterly prize drawing!! Congrats!! :tada:


Yay!! My theme for February is … Inspired by Music

You could stitch

  • a favourite song lyric
  • or a musical instrument
  • or stitch an image inspired by a song
  • or just stitch whatever you like while listening to some music.

And please tell us what song is your inspiration! :musical_note: :guitar: :notes: :trumpet: :notes: :drum: :musical_note:


Excellent theme!!


My current stitch project is to decorate my fulled slippers. Tonight I did the top rose. It just looked sad with two small roses, but this is much better.

I’m not sure how to continue… Is it done? More roses? Something green?

I have the other slipper to decorate too, so I might be done next winter or so :sweat_smile:

Edit: Maybe some of these on the other slipper?


Beautiful, they look so cosy! I think some little green leaves would look great!


Hi all, in case you missed it, there’s a new site challenge!


It’s a bit more boring to stitch than I had experted, lots of greys and browns.