Sassy Party Hats for 50th Birthday

When I spotted these holographic silver party hats at the dollar store, I couldn’t resist them for TheMisterT’s upcoming birthday celebration where most of the decoration are going to be grey/silver. Because, you know, hair. :crazy_face:


They came with 7 in a package and that seemed like enough for our small party. It’s not enough for everyone, but I know not everyone will want one.

I cut “MUCHO” an “#50” with my Sizzix and (messily) glued them to the hats which I had opened up top lay flat. The “SHIFTY 50” was cut into the hats and then backed with a black and grey scrapbooking paper.

Except the hats, all materials are from stash. WOO!


These are hysterical! I think we will need some pics from this party!

Aw, thanks! I hope to get lots of pics!


Lots of fun! I want you to plan my next milestone birthday party. (But decline to say what milestone it will be, and when…)


Shifty 50, lol :rofl:


… key components of “planning”! :rofl: :rofl: :rofl:

@Magpie Yeah, “nifty 50” felt a little precious for TheMister! :wink:

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TheMisterT is sure going to feel special on his day! You’ve thought of every detail!

Aw, thanks!