Savory Crepes

My crepe recipe with a few modifications. I added a little melted butter to the batter, and replaced the sugar with two pinches of salt.

I found a can of mushroom soup so just had to give all this a try. The soup is really really good, though. Three medium potatoes cut into half inch squares. A can of campbells cream of mushroom soup. About 1/3 cup of mozzarella. 1/4 of a medium onion bulb.

It all combined to make a very…meh…meal. By themselves, the crepes are tasty, the soup is tasty, but together? Eh, they’re alright. Nothing I’d go out of my way to make again, though.

Anyway, I really wanted to make the crepes. I had been watching videos off and on for the past two days, and just couldn’t wait any longer. The only issue is, I just have no foods that I can think of to go with them, now that I have them, :no_mouth:.

(Changed the title to only Savory Crepes as that was what I really wanted to make. The rest was just because I didn’t want to eat only them).


Here’s the spreader I made to attempt to make the crepes more uniform. Works quite nicely.


I use a lot of different veggies to make crepes: sometimes just the one veggie, but sometimes combining them as well. My favorite is asparagus, but I also like plain mushroom, broccoli, peas and ham…and I do like using mushroom soup as the sauce in a pinch. You can add onions if you like to any of them as well.

mmm and cheese in any crepe is delicious!

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I’ve never had a savoury crepe, just ones with fruit and whipped cream. I’d probably put scrambled eggs and cheese in a savoury one.


Hmm. I’ve seen chicken florentine style crapes before if you need ideas to try. The savory crepe itself looks fabulous! That spreader tool is awesome! Love your custom tools.


Savory crepes! Yum! I’ve never had the gumption to try to make them at home!

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WOOHOO! Your sweet project is one of this week’s Featured Projects! CONGRATS!

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ok! next experiment…Meh…A fairly odd flavor. Tried a basil, herb, dressing. No good. Ranch dressing, nope. A gravy made from the pan drippings. Nuh uh.

Chicken, cheese, and spinach on crepes made with green onion and parsley.

Tomorrow morning I’ll try ham, cheese, and eggs (eggs have gone down about a dollar fifty, so don’t feel too worried about using some).


Wooohoooo! I found one that works, and is very good. tomato, spinach, fresh chopped basil, cheese, and chicken. Also, I cooked it for quite a bit longer, too.


And they are even better with ham, egg, and a basic bechamel sauce. Ooooh! I likey. :grin:


Those look delicious!

I had a very tasty crepe this summer. Smoked salmon and a cheese sauce. Weirdly good. My husband had smoked salmon, smoked cheese and the cheese sauce.

Husband says the sauce probably was made from beer, cream, and cheese. Maybe some cayenne. I have no idea, but it was nice.


Those crepes look yummy!

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My latest crepe creation. Was recording a how to video for my nieces and wanted to make a filling for them, so I seared the tomatoes in a hot skillet for a few seconds. Then I filled each crepe with a little cottage cheese with salt, the tomatoes, spinach, and chopped basil. So good.



I find storing the crepes easier this way.
Also, if I am making only two or three at a time, they’ll rest nicely out of the way on the same plate they’ll be served on.

Also, a technique I picked up rather quickly. After I have the crepes made, and I’m preparing to cook the meal with them, I’ll swing the pan three or four times to cool it in between filling each crepe, which, so far, gives me ample time before it starts cooking too fast.


I am craving crêpes now, yum yum YUM!