Scanimation Birthday Card

Another trip around the sun!
A birthday card for an avid biker.

Front sentiment printed on the light yellow paper. Sun rays cut with Silhouette from dark yellow paper. Inside “Happy Birthday!” cut from matte vinyl with Silhouette.

When the card is opened the bikes move across the Scanimation.
Video showing the Scanimation in action.

I cut the Scanimation out of this book and constructed the card around it.


Thats awesome

So cool!

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This is next-level awesome! Love that it is animated.

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Amazeballs! That looks so fun.

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You make the most amazing cards! Wow!

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What? :exploding_head: Epic!

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So personalized! So fun!

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Super cool and creative.

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I have seen that book. Very clever to use it as a card!


Your cards are so fun!

What a fun keepsake and great idea to use the scanimation to make it extra special.
I love the black and yellow combo. What a stellar combo!