Scattering Dandelion

Okily dokily! This one’s concept came to me while I was perusing the job search on the Chronically Capable website. There was an application for a computer designer to create an image for a charity and this just popped in my head from the dandelion I was working on.

Umm! To oversimplify my thoughts on this; it means that even though one has to give up something for an illness, a pain, etc it’s not necessarily the end. Just like with the dandelion, each part that blows away does not mean the dandelion ceases to exist. At the same time, it does not mean each piece just fades away. Just as an insect may find use of a seed, a wheelchair can be used for legs. Just as a mouse may find use of a seed, a dog can find a home and be used for eyes. There is always something to fill that missing piece.


I like it and I like the meaning that you give to it

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This is lovely. :green_heart:

Beautiful! I’m imagining what all the things those seeds will be to someone… :wind_face:

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So pretty!