Scherazard From Legend of Heroes

The entire Legend of Heroes collection is amazing, but in my opinion Trails in the Sky and A Tear of Vermillion are the best (haven’t played Trails of Cold Steel). Anywaaaaaay… Scherazard Harvey aka “Silver Streak” is my favorite character from Trails in the Sky. So I decided to make a doll. Entirely out of minky, except for a bit of ribbon. What could go wrong?

Here she is:


And the original Schera:

She has shoes but they keep falling off because minky is evil. Also I didn’t make a shawl because minky is evil. Doll pattern was a free pattern by Choly Knight (bat/cat girl pattern), clothes were designed and made by me. Face was embroidered on my machine using the vampire add-on from Choly Knight. Thanks for looking!


I am in awe of your dolls!
You got mad skillz

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That is fabulous!

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Love the hair!

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That is so amazing! You’re really talented :star_struck:
I’ve just got my first embroidery machine and I will definitely check out Choly Knight :smiley:

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Wowzers! Minky is extremely hard for me to work with, so I applaud your efforts. Oh, it looks amazing too. :slight_smile:

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Check out Teacup Lion too. She has embroidered in-the-hoop plush patterns.

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It’s beautiful and congrats on creating it with Minky! You go!!

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Thanks everyone!

I feel that sewing with minky is 30% pinning, 30% cleaning up the mess it makes, 30% cussing, and 10% actually sewing.

Wow! This is legit good! I aspire to your skills some day!

Wow, thanks! I was thinking the clothes looked really basic but they seem to be good.