School Bus Centerpiece

We’re hosting a BBQ for TheMisterT’s department at work - the company has to do with school busses, so when I remembered I had this vintage Fisher Price Little People bus, I knew I wanted to integrate it into the festivities.


Originally, I tried to find a small vase or two at the craft stores and thrift stores, but had no lucky until I shopped a place that had canning jars with their vases. D’oh! I have canning jars already! I wish I had some a little shorter that were still narrow enough to fit in the bus, but I still think it turned out really cute. This could be a fun back-to-school decoration for a school office, teacher, home schooler(?), etc., too.

The party isn’t for a few days, so the flowers may change and it won’t be sitting on the piano like it is in the picture. I hope to get pics of it in situ.


Aaaargh! Cuteness overload! What a great idea to use that FP bus.

Thank you! I was trying to find a paper project to make that wouldn’t take forever or use a whole lot of paper and then I remembered that I had this! I didn’t remember how good of shape it was in, so that was a nice surprise.

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Nostalgic and fun! I think the daisies are perfect too. Makes me think of being a kid and picking them on my way home from school.

Awww, that’s such a cute and sweet connection.

What a cute idea! Looks great!

Aw, thanks!

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What an adorable idea. I love the white flowers as a contrast to the striking yellow of the bus too. So great!

Thank you! I was debating picking up a bunch of those dyed daisies - just to kind of keep in a primary school/8-pack of Crayola vibe, but the white just felt a little better to me since this isn’t a back-to-school party or a party for kids.


What a fun centerpiece. I love the creativity of using the bus this way!

Thank you!

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Very cute.

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This is the CUTEST!

Thanks, pals!