School Marching Band Pride Wreath

I started this wreath back when the virus was first starting to ravage the world and quarantines were the norm. I used the kids’ soccer tshirt material to get the school colors and wrapped the wreath. I found the letters at a craft store and that’s as fsr as I had been for months. I wanted to order another wood burning like the one I did earlier this year, but right as I was getting ready to do so, their Etsy shop went on break and still is.

@lindyv321 came to the rescue in the holiday present swap and made this beauty for me (thankyouthankyouthankyou!) with her glowforge (man I want one!). It is very thin, so my dh picked up a craft board and rounded the corners for me. I painted that black and the music burning gold, and I am thrilled with how it turned out!


It turned out wonderful…and what a fabulous use of that swap project!

I really am so glad you got me into the twine wreaths…I see a lot of fun projects, like team colors…

Great job…!

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I was so grateful she agreed to make that for me in the swap!

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Now I want a glow forge…researching…

I wish I could afford one…and had space!

What a great wreath!