Scrabble tile ornaments

My DIL and I made ornaments for some of the grandparents in our family, with the names of their grandchildren. And as a bonus, I got to learn how to make a tiny bow with a fork. Always wanted to try it! :laughing:


How cute! (Those bows are super tiny!)

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Triple word score! These are great! Isn’t that fork method great?


Thank you!

And yeah, who knew how easy it is to make teeny bows?!

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Those are great!

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Thanks, guys! It was a fun project for an evening.

How special! I’m sure the grandparents will love and treasure these! What a fun assortment of names in the family!

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Those are really nice!

I also use a fork to make tiny bows…and pompoms! You can learn anything from YouTube!

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Thanks, guys!

POM POMS! Never thought of that, but I will now!

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That’s a lot of Scrabble pieces! LOL! Love that they are personalized and fun!

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Yes, it’s a LOT of scrabble pieces!