Scrap quilt bonanza

Finished the final stage on these 4 today. Sadly. I have yet to make a dent in the scrap bins, both cut and uncut. :flushed:I might have a fabric problem.



I like the triangle one on the right best! Good color choices.

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Wow! All so fabulous! My fave is the one with the squares, in the middle at the top.

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Love love love love LOVE!

Hard to pick a fave! :heart:

Awesome work!

Wowza! I love all of these. Your work is so gorgeous and inspiring!

Scraptastic! I could look at each one for hours trying to see all the colors and patterns on the fabrics!

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They’re all fabulous! I’m in love with all the random, scrappy goodness!

Such bright colors and all so different. Way to go!

These are so gorgeous - beautifully pieced and so colorful. :heart_eyes:

Wow, such an amazing collection of pretty scrap quilts!
I love all of them.

I really like the top middle one.

So colorful!

They are simply gorgeous and almost look like colorful fireworks!

Congrats! Your Scrap Quilt Bonanza is one of this week’s featured projects. :heart:

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These are fabulous!