Scrappy Doodads from Bits & Bobs

I realize that’s not the most helpful title, but I don’t really know how else to describe these. :woman_shrugging:

Inspired by the paper embellishments from geekgirl that recently showed up in the personal swap gallery, last week I raided my stash of scraps, cutout phrases, and other little goodies to create some pieces.

The heart one may get a little something extra later on.

While rooting around for supplies, I also found these, which I made sometime last year.

Thanks for looking!


These are fabulous! Love the “Beauty is a mood,” quote.

These are great! I really like the “beauty is a mood” phrase.

Great little bits to reuse elsewhere!

It really is.

One of the best surprise, random phrase sources I’ve discovered is the Ulta catalogs I get addressed to a previous occupant of my house :laughing:. I’m pretty sure that’s where “Beauty is a mood” came from.

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Oh, that’s a good idea to make!

I really like the “Beauty is a mood,” and the “push through obstacles” ones. Those are very much in geekgirl’s style, and I can definitely see your style in the last ones. The hole punches really make them stand out, and will be really fun when they are layered on other stuff.

What wonderful little scrappies! You could add those to all kinds of projects.

I think at the time I was like, “What’s the Craftstery thing to do with this dead space? Ooh, there’s my hole punch!” :laughing: