Scrappy patchwork fabric book

Heading up north for the celebration of my very dear friend’s 50th. I wanted to bring her something special, something that has no purpose other than existing as an unusual object.

I really enjoy how much colour variety there ended up being for a reduced palette of just purple-blue-green

I struggled with finishing the piano hinge binding, it wasn’t coming together the way I wanted it to. I think it was @Harlan who suggested a soft binding, tied ribbons worked perfectly so thanks for that :blush:

The density of stitching makes me very happy.


Lovely! The color palette might be limited but it still is quite exuberant and colorful! I love seeing how you use the fabric beads you taught us to make…and the stitching throughout…what a wonderful gift!

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Absolutely awesome. Love the ribbons in the binding!!

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What a lovely gift for a milestone birthday of a dear one!

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Sort of like the fabric beads but a bit different.


Oooh, that is gorgeous! She’ll love it!

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This is to die for. I love it. The spine is amazing. Eye candy everywhere!!

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It’s beautiful. I love the color palette!

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Thanks friends. She liked it & is maybe going to embroider the blank pages inside.