Scrappy Patchwork Pillow Cover

Thanks to the Scrappy Mail Swap, which is currently in its 2nd round, I have so many 2.5 inch square pieces of just the best, most awesome fabric. In attempt to use what I received from round 1 and make room for the squares that are currently on the way to my mailbox, I turned a stack of scrappy squares into a pillow cover!

There are fabric bits in this pillow from @MistressJennie @endymion @AIMR and @Immaculata, and some of my own scraps.

Those perfect points are not due to my awesome precision skills! I used the following tutorial from Elizabeth Hartman that @marionberries shared in round 1 of Scrappy Mail.

It was so easy and really achieved a level of alignment I’m usually not capable of! I admit that I did take some shortcuts. I did not create any sort of grid to lay out my squares - just placed them on the interfacing. I also used my rotary cutter to very carefully snip the folded edges for each row. Worked for me!

The back is a little scrappy, too:

I feel like I missed an opportunity to add a scrappy strip of squares to the back. :thinking: Maybe next time!

Thanks for looking. :slight_smile:


Awesome scrappiness!

Your shortcuts are way more doable for me!

Love that you mixed fabrics in the back as well…

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This is gorgeous!

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I love how even though the fabrics you used are all so different, they work perfectly together for this. So pretty!


This came out so freaking great! :heart:


Thank you, friends! :heart:

Ooh. Great inspiration for mine that are rolling in. The pillow is fun!


Love how this turned out!!

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This is so cute! It feels just right for the Cozy Season that is upon us.

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So scrappy and fun!

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Gorgeous! I love both the front and the back! It makes me so happy to look at it!

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