Scrappy positive affirmation flags

A friend and I got together to make scrappy fabric bead and I saw the below affirmation in her office so used our creations from that day to put this together for her:

The hanger is copper wire from the hardware store shaped and hammered to make it flat and strong.

Sometimes a positive affirmation is a bit sassy. I like that!

Made for my lovely partner in the most recent Positive Affirmation swap.

After teaching the scrappy bead class here, I had a bowl full of samples to use for more projects.

Figuring out one way to attach them to a Teesha Moore style scrappy square.

And a different style using the fold as a long channel for hanging up the flag.

The front got words and was sent off to another swap partner, it hasnโ€™t arrived yet so this is all Iโ€™ll show of it for now.


These are gorgeous!

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I love these! How genius to use your scrappy beads to hang flags!

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I was another lucky recipient of a magpie piece!!

I really love the hammered copper in contrast with the fabric bits. Thank youuu!


Oooohhhh these are fabulous. I love the use of the scrappy beads with the copper. Just perfect!

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These are so awesome and amazing and a whole bunch of other words! Love them!

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Soooooo wonderful! They are such a wonderful mix of scrapiness (spellcheck suggests scrawniness, scratchiness, crispiness) and precision.

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Ooh, spellcheck is a goof!

Thanks everybody :blush:. More of these are in the works for friends & also to abandon. Iโ€™m really liking the hammered wire hangers & trying a few fun shapes. Thatโ€™s so much easier than I imagined it to be & turns out pretty neat looking.

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Love the hammered wires! And it is the perfect use for the scrappy beads. Very cool!

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love, love, LOVE!!
thanks for sharing how you did this โ€“ I will be better prepared for the next positive affirmation swap :kiss:

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These are lovely!

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Congrats! Your Scrappy Bead Affirmation Flags are one of this weekโ€™s featured projects. :tada:


These are so beautiful and inspirational. Thank you for sharing them.

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