Scrappy vintage patches and buttons

I love this vintage fabric and wanted to feature the gorgeous late 70’s/early 80’s print, so I made buttons and patches for @Magpie for the fill a pouch swap. I also made this Minecraft? patch because I found that tiny scrap in a bag of fabric i recently received. It was too cute not to use.


I love them! They are SO WEIRD & AWESOME! Now I just need to figure out how to use them in something special. I have an idea…


Fun stuff!

When I hear vintage I always think 1920s to '50s. It makes me feel…um, old….when the item was popular when I was in high school.

News flash, steiconi! You gotta own the old. It’s not just a way to get senior Tuesday discounts.


I love them…so happy to look at them…

@Magpie – can’t wait to see what your creative brain does with them…don’t keep us on pins and needles too long! lol


You used these fabrics in the best way. It’s like they were made for these methods!


For sure. “Old” is only a descriptor of creatures “failing to die for a lot of years in a row”! We have plenty of other adjectives to judge things (negatively or positively) that have been around awhile that we can keep “old” just to describe longevity. I am working to reject and refuse any shame associated with the indicators that I am still alive after 5+ decades.


So retro adorable!


Super cute!

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These are adorable. I love how they are scrappy and really highlight the focus fabric.

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Oh I love that Minecraft one! Now I’ll be on the lookout for Minecraft fabric! :laughing:

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:thread: :sewing_needle: Congrats! Your scraptastic projects are one of this week’s featured projects! :sewing_needle: :thread:

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They’re all so sweet!