Scroll Frame for Embroidery

How I made this…As best as I can describe.

I had watched a video on different kinds of frames when I came across a wooden model that used dowels to hold the fabric. (will update with the type if I remember after I’m done, heh).

First I made a channel in the scrolling boards that a dowel would fit in. Which, wasn’t opened enough to allow both the dowel and fabric in, so used some sandpaper by wrapping it around the dowel, then running it back and forth through the track til I got a hole big enough to work.

To make the angled track, I had to angle my table saw blade and cut an angled notch into the wood base for my saw. (the wood base makes it safer to cut small pieces as they have a tendency to slip into the blade’s well).

Next I made the circular holes for the scrolling rods, and I notched the ends to allow the wood to bend and tighten onto the scrolling rods. (For this one, I used wing nuts and philip’s head bolts. Which unfortunately sometimes needs both a pair of pliers and a screwdriver. The next one I make, will use an eyelet bolt instead).

To insert the cloth into the rod, I wrap it around the dowel and squeeze it while pulling it into the scrolling rod. (One hiccup is the track in the rod is a bit small, so I have to push along the backside of the rod to ensure it can be inserted easily. That means I have to apply force in three directions to get the cloth on. It is a pain, but doable).

Before affixing the frame together, I make sure the fabric is evenly spaced. You can see the right side is off from the left side. So I slid the fabric to match the left side.

Before wrapping.

Side view after wrapping. The side of the frame that has the most fabric wrapped around, will pull around the rod during tightening. So there is a need to tighten and loosen both sides several times to get it wrapped tightly around the rod.

Even though it has its issues, it’s still not that difficult to set up. Plus, I believe once I feel up to it, I can make it so much easier to use.


I’m amazed at how you just casually whip together a gadget like this. So cool!


Archimedes: “Give me a place to stand, and I will move the world”.

One of my favorite quotes, and another…

Larry the Cable Guy: “Get 'er done”. :grin:


Another brilliant project, Cableguywithseventoes, lol.


It’s so well made and designed!

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This is awesome! My dad made me a similar set when I was in my 20s. It has 3 sets of dowel rods in different lengths so it can accommodate different sizes of projects. I still have it, and use it, more than 30 years later.

Voice of experience: this one’s definitely a keeper, Charles!!!