Seashell Christmas Ornaments

Collected Seashells last month with making ornaments in mind. I was hesitant to use them but found encouragement at the Use the Good Stuff thread


Ooooo! Theyโ€™re so pretty! Good for you for using the good stuff!

You found some really pretty shells. Iโ€™m glad you used them.

Gorgeous! I love the shell beads or charms that you have used to embellish them, also. What a lovely tree it will be, adorned with those beautiful shells.

So pretty!!

Those are so pretty. I like the shell beads with them.

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What a clever idea, they look great

Wow! Great use for some great finds!


Thanks for the positive thoughts! Beads are from stash and the ornaments can be taken apart to be reused.

How pretty! I love this idea.