Seasonal Angels

While looking for an old picture I found some embroidery that I really love. These were done a few years ago. I still have one more to stitch up. I’m not sure what I want to do with them once I finish all of them.





I have some vintage needlework that I have been collecting…I also have some needlework from other countries…I love all the beautiful work but don’t want to frame them all…I don’t have a lot of wall space left…

I am thinking of maybe a totebag for some of it…

Your pieces are beautiful…not sure what you could do with them all…

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These are beautiful!!! Maybe seasonal pillowcases?


Oh! That is a brilliant idea!

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Whoah. How beautiful! Hard to pick a fave. Branches for wings is the coolest thing evar!

I love that they are following planting, from seed catalog to seedlings to summer harvest. Can’t wait to see what fall looks like!

That is my favorite one too. The branches are so creepy but beautiful.

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