Second Time Enough Mini Quilt

I figured that as long as I was on a roll, I’d share another Project Quilting entry for this season. I think the challenge was that we had to use an hour glass in our project.

Being a rebel I couldn’t actually manage to do that. Besides, who wants to choose to make half square triangles or flying geese if the quilt doesn’t insist on it? Whenever I think of an hour glass, I think of a quilt I gave away many years ago. It was one of my favorites and used scraps of lace, bits of low volume fabrics, a piece of my precious Madrona Road word fabric and vintage buttons.

I didn’t actually mind sending it off because it was selected by the winner in an old flickr swap. (Winner of the voting gets to pick first which quilt they want) The artist who won was an amazing quilter and I am thrilled to know that two of my quilts are part of her collection.

I decided to remake that design for this challenge. Same stuff as above. Blue background made of scraps appliqued loosely to a muslin background. * New word fabric (It is actually formulas and names for rocks so I technically should have called it Heart of Stone.) Lace bits. Salvaged buttons. I tried something a bit different for the binding. I shadow quilted the heart. I used a good finish stitch along the raw edges and then stitched two more lace bits around the outside to make it look complete.

It is about 12 inches on a side and has fast finish triangles on the back for hanging. It isn’t as good as the first one but it does make me happy. I might try again some day.

*this one violates the first and only rule of quilting… it has to be structurally sound. But I claim the art quilt exemption and break it anyway.


Lovely composition and really digging all the blue.

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Rules are meant to be broken! Especially when the result is this lovely piece. I like the script fabric in the middle. Haha, heart of stone would also be a great title!

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Very pretty! The scrappiness of this design really adds to the appeal. And the buttons. I’m a sucker for buttons!